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sandy on this one. so -- >> sandy really was a male or a female male. >> i thought it was female. you think not? >> it's up to -- >> i thought -- >> but let's go -- >> in terms of sparking that bloomberg endorsement of the president and giving climate change in to the mix of it, very end of the campaign, it does race a question of whether -- >> shout out to president victory's speech. that issue is back. >> dramatic way because of the hurricane. i think what the women have especially tammy baldwin froms the house, they have a running start, elizabeth warren knows washington, how it works, and the republicans they just didn't confirm her to be head of the consumer financial protection board and let her sit there and simplify every form in america and train us all in literacy -- >> not that that's a bad thing. >> attack bad credit practices. >> so many examples, that being one of them of the unintended consequences of overreach. mourdock in indiana, elizabeth warren could have been taken out of the game. >> todd aakin. >> but no. the right wing which is now redundant, the republican par
their families. and this is only been dramatically exacerbated by what's going on with hurricane sandy and what's hit the east coast here in the last couple weeks. so we still are seeing increases here in the east coast. we are hearing reports of over 100% increase in the amount of food that we are distributing this month in november compared to last november. >> it cannot be stated enough that the need is very much out there especially in this holiday season. mar din bashir, thank you. i wonder what is on the table at a bashir thanksgiving. >> i cook and do a fine gravy. >> if you say so yourself. >> some spices and port which is rather beautiful. >> very fancy. >> i'm sure you have many other places. >> take that apart. >> port -- >> explain that. >> my kids refuse to eat a roast meal unless i've cooked the potatoes because i siv them in salt beforehand and par boil them, all sorts of things. >> delicious. >> your house. >> i'm inviting myself over. remember -- >> any time. >> remember to watch martin on his tv program every week day at 4:00 p.m. here on a channel we call msnbc. coming up, ge
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)